Support at our BRC

Jacintha McGahon is the BRC’s Patient and Public Involvement lead.

His role is to support researchers to implement PPI into their research and also to support patients and members of the public who would like to get involved in research.

The service is led by the BRC but any researcher can contact the team to request one on one support and advice. This may include help setting up a new PPI group, gaining advice on a lay summary, organising mock interviews with a patient group or general advice on where to start with implementing PPI in a study.

Other support available to all health care professionals employed by King’s Health Partners includes:

  • Signposting to relevant patient and public groups
  • A range of useful information and resources e.g. Volunteer role descriptions, Terms of Reference, payment policies.
  • Free training on Implementing PPI in Research. These 2.5 hour sessions are provided in collaboration with the Research Design Service, London and are co-designed and co-delivered by trained patients and members of the public. See our events page for upcoming sessions.

Please note that to maximise benefit for your study you should get in contact as early as possible during the set up process.

Jessica Sells is the BRC’s Public Engagement lead and she can help with:

  • Strategic planning of public engagement to improve your research exposure and personal profiles
  • Including engagement in your research funding applications
  • Sharing pre-existing engagement events and initiatives and how you can take part
  • Offering training in public engagement with research
  • Providing contacts, resources, materials and funds if required
  • Offering support and advice on getting started with engagement.

Please do get in touch with the team as soon as possible.

Other useful contacts

  • Research Design Service London offers
    • Advice on developing appropriate and well-integrated PPI plans
    • Linking research teams with patients/members of the public
    • The Enabling Involvement Fund which enables researchers to involve patients/members of the public in the development of their application
    • Workshops on implementing PPI
    • A range of resources and information material
  • INVOLVE was established in 1996 and is part of, and funded by, the National Institute for Health Research, to support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research
  • The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) has an international reputation for inspiring and supporting universities to engage with the public.
  • People in Research helps researchers who want to find members of the public to get involved in their research
  • The UK Clinical Trials Gateway helps give people the confidence to join clinical trials, by providing useful information about how trials work – while helping link them to researchers running trials they might be interested in.


We hope that you have found this toolkit helpful. Please send any feedback or requests for future information to