Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) means actively working in partnership with patients and members of the public to plan, manage, design and carry out research. This can, and should be done at every point of the research cycle.

Public Engagement means “the myriad of ways in which the activity and benefits of higher education and research can be shared with the public. Engagement is by definition a two-way process, involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit.” (National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement)

This section contains resources to help you work in partnership with patients and the public, including guidance, information about existing PPI groups, information about training and examples of ways in which we have worked with our local community.

If you have questions or would like to discuss ways you’d like to work with patients and the public, please contact Jacintha McGahon, PPI Manager, about PPI, or Jessica Sells about public engagement