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Translational medicine studies are now routinely collecting multiple ‘omics data, and also imaging data for patients that have been deeply phenotyped. The integration and analysis of these data offers the potential for new insights into the mechanistic basis of disease.  The group employs a variety of computational approaches to help scientists and clinicians with data exploration and interpretation and hypothesis generation. These include development and implementation of next generation sequence analysis pipelines, pathway and network analysis, and multi ‘omics data integration.

Working collaboratively with clinical academics and industry, our mission is to enable the application of advanced bioinformatics analyses to translational research and personalised medicine by building and maintaining scientific, analytical and computational infrastructure. We focus on translational projects aimed at the identification of novel therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers, and the dissection of molecular mechanisms underpinning diseases.

Beyond contributing to scientific projects, we also help to maintain and provide access to a powerful IT infrastructure, the Rosalind HPC, which aids in running computationally-intensive processes.

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