Each library preparation method requires a specific quantity and quality of input; sample requirements will be provided at the project discussion stage. Where sample input requirements cannot be met, we offer direct from cell library preparation methods.

All high throughput library preparations are conducted on liquid handling systems to reduce sample to sample variability, eliminate sample mix ups and to increase reproducibility.

  • Whole Genome (preferred DNA input of 200 ng)
  • Whole Exome Agilent Sureselect (DNA input of 3 ug or 200 ng)
  • Custom Capture Agilent Sureselect (DNA input of 3 ug or 200 ng)
  • Custom Capture Agilent Haloplex (DNA input of 250 ng)
  • Custom Capture Agilent Haloplex HS (DNA input of 250 ng)
  • FFPE DNA Custom capture with Haloplex
  • FFPE DNA Custom capture with Haloplex HS
  • FFPE DNA Whole Genome
  • Whole Genome Bisulfite converted (preferred DNA input of 500 ng)
  • Target Enrichment with Bisulfite Sequencing (TEBS)
  • Stranded RNAseq with Riboremoval custom method (RNA input of > 1000 ng)
  • Stranded mRNAseq (RNA input >50 ng)
  • Non Stranded mRNAseq from pg amounts of RNA samples
  • TCR a/b sequencing (RNA input >50 pg)
  • Small RNA sequencing (50 ng Total RNA with retained small RNA)
  • FFPE RNA library preparation
  • Metagenome Shotgun sequencing
  • 16S Amplicon sequencing of V4 region
  • Direct from cells TCR a/b sequencing (max 100 cells)
  • Direct from cells non-stranded mRNASeq (max 100 cells)
  • Custom Amplicon libraries
  • Parallel mRNA and TCR sequencing (RNA input >50 pg)

Our Library preparation and sequencing services for bulk (>1 cell) samples

Please refer to the single cell page for single cell library preparations.

We are interested in actively developing new protocols for various applications according to your requirements. In particular, we would like to establish linked reads sequencing on 10x Chromium and long read sequencing on Nanopore. Such projects are conducted as pilot projects aimed towards new technology implementation in our lab. Please contact us to discuss your bespoke project at BRC.Genomics@gstt.nhs.uk.