Cell sorting service

Our facility offers a cell sorting service on three BD ARIA cell sorters with up to 17 fluorescent parameters, allowing sterile cell collection into tubes and plates. All instruments are run by trained  operators and allow four-way sorting, sample and collection tube cooling and Index sorting with nozzles ranging from 70 mm to 130 mm. Samples above BSL2 grade cannot be processed in our laboratory.

Mass cytometry and custom antibody labelling service

We operate two Fluidigm HeliosTM mass cytometry platforms and offer a custom antibody conjugation service. One HeliosTM platform is exclusively reserved for the acquisition of samples in single cell suspension, while the second instrument can be combined with a HyperionTM imaging mass cytometry (IMC) module for acquisition of frozen and FFPE tissue and cell samples.

The BRC Flow Cytometry Platform offers an antibody conjugation service for mass cytometry, bookable via ilabs. The facility provides the conjugation kit for tagging with lanthanide metals (mass range 141-176), all labelling consumables/reagents, manpower and expertise. The customer is requested to provide the antibody raw material. We require at least 0.1 mg  of a protein free IgG solution, the facility will not purify or conjugate antibodies provided in BSA / gelatin containing buffer. We will return the metal conjugated antibody in protein stabilizing solution alongside a quality control data sheet with proof of concentration and successful metal conjugation (biological testing is to be done at customer site). External customers will discuss their project and provide a PO for the agreed project cost before the start of any work. All mass cytometry platforms and services are operated by fully trained staff only.

Full service Imaging Mass Cytometry

For full service imaging mass cytometry (IMC) projects we will perform antibody workup, any potential antibody conjugation, tissue staining according to our standard protocols, and ablation in accordance to customer instructions. Data will be transferred to the customer by file transfer server. Customers can also choose to use our ablation-only service and submit ready stained slides.In house data analysis service can be discussed as additional package. Customers will provide suitable tissue sections and antibody material to the facility. A detailed upfront project discussion and regular customer feedback are part of the full service IMC program.

Full service rare cell isolation

Using the ParsortixTM and DEPArrayTM platforms we offer a full service for the isolation of rare cells such as circulating tumour cells (CTCs) or rare cells from frozen and FFPE blocks for further downstream analysis by technologies such as immunocytochemistry, FISH or a variety of single cell genomics approaches. Customers will provide suitable blood/urine samples (up to BSL2 grade) or tissue sections and antibody material to the facility. The facility will return single cells or single cell DNA with corresponding QC data for further genomic workup by the customer. A detailed upfront project discussion is part of the full service rare cell isolation program.

Assistance with experimental planning and multicolour panel design service

Whether you are new to cytometry, plan a complex experiment or run longitudinal clinical samples, we have many year of experience in our team and are happy to support you in experimental design and planning. New cytometrists and those interested in high dimensional fluorescent cytometry can get expert advice for best practices of panel design, sample preparation and standardisation. Please book a consultation to find out how we can help.

Experimental troubleshooting and consultation on data analysis

Questions on compensation, population resolution, titration, gating, best software tools for your analysis? For these and many more potential issues with experimental data, please book a consultation to see how we can help.

High dimensional data analysis service

We offer a bespoke data analysis service for high dimensional flow and mass cytometry data sets. Please book a consultation to evaluate the best way forward for your data set.

Extensive training portfolio for basic and advanced applications

Please visit our training page for more information.