Our CRF consists of four units; an adult Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Phase I accredited CRF unit at the Guy’s hospital site, and adult, paediatric and imaging units at the St Thomas’ hospital site.

With MHRA Phase I accreditation for our Guy’s CRF unit we are uniquely placed to deliver Phase I commercial and non commercial patient focused studies. Our CRF is the only one in the UK with embedded Advanced Therapies Manufacturing (GMP) and immune monitoring platforms. This enables us to efficiently take clinical studies through the experimental medicine pipeline from the laboratory and into patients in the CRF.

The MHRA accreditation highlights our commitment to high quality patient focused clinical research, and delivery of gold standard clinical practice in first in human studies. It also recognises that the Phase I Unit of our CRF, located within the Experimental Medicine Hub at Guy’s Hospital, offers the highest industry standards for management and safety for first in human clinical trials and exceeds the regulatory good clinical practice standards.

Our facilities are welcoming, comfortable and secure, enabling significant numbers of patients and volunteers to take part in clinical studies.


Guy's Hospital

The MHRA Phase I accredited clinical research unit at Guy's is located on the 15th floor of Guy's Tower. It includes:

  • Bright and comfortable reception and lounge for research participants

  • Four examination and consultation rooms

  • Two rooms with three day case recliner chairs in each

  • Procedure room equipped for endoscopy and minor surgery

  • Flow cytometry and immune monitoring laboratories

  • Sample handling laboratory

  • 160m² Good Manufacturing Practice compliant facility with three independent cleanrooms

  • Office accommodation for research and nursing staff

  • Fully equipped hospital kitchen

  • Meeting room with audio-visual conferencing capabilities

St Thomas' Hospital

The clinical research unit at St Thomas' is located on the 4th floor of North Wing.  It includes:

  • Bright and comfortable five-bedded clinical ward

  • Body composition laboratory

  • Patient lounge and eating area

  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Blood flow laboratory

  • Exercise laboratory

  • Two dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound rooms

  • Four consulting and three examination rooms

  • Two sample laboratories, one with flow cytometry

  • Eye examination room

  • Dexa scanning room

  • Drug preparation area

  • Office accommodation for research and nursing staff

  • Reception and waiting areas for patients and volunteers

Evelina London Children’s Hospital

The paediatric clinical research unit in the Evelina Children’s Hospital includes offices and clinical space on the Snowy Owl Ward. It features:

  • Six clinical beds

  • Play area

  • Sluice room

  • Phlebotomy room

  • Dietetic kitchen space

  • Staff bay

  • Office space

Some paediatric studies are carried out at Evelina via outreach, alongside those undertaken on site at the clinical research facility.

This research often utilises the high dependency and intensive care areas of the hospital, as well as the dedicated paediatric imaging facilities.

Imaging clinical research unit

The imaging clinical research unit is spread across our two hospital campuses in several locations.

The imaging unit incorporates:

  • Two PET/CTs and PET/MR system (cancer, cardiovascular and neuroimaging research)

  • Cyclotron and GMP PET chemistry facilities

  • 3T MR (neonatal neuroimaging research)

  • 3T MR and X-ray hybrid facility (cardiovascular imaging research)

  • 3T Multix MR (cancer imaging research)

  • 1.5T MR (foetal and cardiovascular Imaging research)

  • There is also a 1.5T MR (cardiovascular imaging research) facility at Guy’s Hospital

Applying to use the facilities

If you wish to carry out research involving patients or healthy volunteers at our clinical research facility, please contact the relevant manager for that facility as early as possible.

Ideally this should be done before you submit your grant application to ensure the correct costs are included.

All applications to use the clinical research facility are reviewed by our CRF review board.

Electronic applications to the CRF review board are made via MedSciNet.

General enquiries

Email: crf@gstt.nhs.uk
Tel: 020 7188 2600 reception, Guy’s CRF unit
Tel: 020 7188 4700 reception, St Thomas’ CRF unit


Professor Phil Chowienczyk

CRF Director

Professor of Cardiovascular Clinical Pharmacology



Professor James Spicer

CRF Deputy Director

Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine



Shaun Cochrane, PhD

Deputy Director of BRC Operations



Kate Blackstone

CRF Business and Operations Manager