Our new Advanced Therapies Accelerator (ATA) at Guy’s and St Thomas’ is leading the revolution in advanced therapies by bringing together expertise, process development capabilities, and experimental medicine and manufacturing facilities for gene and cell therapies.

Advanced therapies offer enormous promise for severe, hard to treat diseases. However, their translation from the laboratory to manufacture and early phase clinical trials can be limited by access to process development infrastructure that is required prior to Advanced Therapies (GMP) production.

With advanced therapies offering a step change in the treatment of a range of conditions, the addition of the Accelerator now positions Guy’s and St Thomas’ and our NIHR BRC at the heart of the movement to deliver advanced therapies to patients. These include:

Cell therapies: using cells, often a patient’s own that have been removed, selected, and re-introduced – to treat cancer, autoimmunity, immune rejection and other conditions.

Genetically-modified cell therapies: genetically modifying (lentivirus or CRISPR gene editing) a patient’s cells to acquire new characteristics then re-introducing, to treat cancer and other conditions.

Gene therapies: introducing viral vectors – often Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) – into humans to replace a defective gene or deliver favourable proteins.

Biologics (peptides, antibodies): using peptides and antibodies to treat disease.

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GSTT Research Facilities Sept 2020-42

Our cutting edge infrastructure

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GSTT Research Facilities Sept 2020-60

Our world class partnerships

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GMP 2020

Our work

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Our team