To help us to achieve our strategic objectives, we have set up an implementation plan which maps out a series of projects we will undertake, you can download it here.

Training Review

We provide free training to researchers on implementing PPI in their work. We constantly update and improve this and have recently undertaken a major review. You can read more about the training here.

Research Snapshots

We have developed simple documents to summarise our research projects for patients and the public.

Click here to read the latest publications.

Young People’s Advisory Group

We have worked with Patient and Public Involvement groups for many years and recently added a new group made up of young people aged 14 to 18. You can read more about the Young People’s Advisory Group here.


KHP Summer School students with posters about their aspiration

Kings's Health Partners' Summer School

We run a week long Summer School programme for 15/16 year olds every year along with our colleagues at King’s Health Partners. To read more about the 2019 Summer School click here.
To enquire about the 2020 Summer School please contact Claire O’Neill, Public Engagement Manager.


International Clinical Trials Day

Each year, teams from all over the BRC and R&D come together to mark International Clinical Trials Day. Held on or around the 20th June, this event recognises the day in 1747 that James Lind, a ship’s surgeon aboard the HMS Salisbury, began his pioneering clinical trial into the causes of scurvy. You can read about our 2019 events here.

Frequently Asked Questions about data

We worked with a patient group to develop a new page for the Guy’s and St Thomas’ website to answer any questions that patients may have about how their data is used for research. This was then adapted to incorporate the text provided by the Health Research Authority. The page can be found here.

Research awareness survey

Our  Clinical Research Facility (CRF) took part in a national project to investigate awareness amongst our patients, visitors and non-research staff about the research we carry out. The project was set up by the UK CRF Network to help to build both a national and local picture of awareness of research. This will then be used to find new ways of increasing awareness and engagement with the public.
You can download the poster here.