Volunteers are needed to play their part in the fight against cancer.

The South East London Consumer Research Panel (SELCRP) supports our researchers with their studies, providing advice on patient information sheets, protocols, and research proposals. They meet four times a year where researchers are welcomed to come along and present their research to the Panel and on average the Panel can see around 40 applications per year, providing both verbal and written feedback.

The Panel is made up of of patients, carers, clinical, non-clinical and academic staff and research nurses and provide rapid review and feedback to research teams on comprehensibility, terminology used, and patient acceptability of aspects of trial design, and also review draft patient information materials prior to ethics submission.

In addition to this the panel has provided some excellent feedback and ideas supporting researchers in creating their own PPI panels for their own particular projects, such as tips on how to recruit new members to the group, ideas on how best to reward members, and advice on how best to brief the academics who present their research ideas. Some core panel members have also offered to serve on these new project-specific groups to provide experience supporting these new teams.

Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, starting at 10am. There are usually two to three slots per meeting for researchers to present to the group. Presentations are around 15 minutes long with time for questions at the end.

Dates of meetings in 2022 are:

  • 11 February 2022
  • 25 March 2022
  • 29 April 2022
  • 20 or 27 May 2022
  • 17 or 24 June 2022
  • 15 or 22 July 2022
  • 19 or 26 August 2022
  • 16 or 23 September 2022
  • 21 or 29 October 2022
  • 18 or 21 November 2022

To find out more about the group email ambi.williams@kcl.ac.uk.

"I like the idea that we can all help each other. My experience of joining the Cancer Research Panel is very positive. Hopefully we are helping researchers and patients. All our voices are valid."

Alan Quarterman, South East London Consumer Research Panel for Cancer member