This will be achieved through programmes focusing on improvements in cell transplantation, harnessing the immune system for regenerative medicine and promoting an in vitro approach to precision medicine to patients.

Our Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (CSCRM), comprising 1,200 m2 of purpose-built laboratories, opened in 2015, following complete refurbishment of the 28th Floor in Guy’s Tower.

The location of the CSCRM in the BRC EMH offers an unparalleled opportunity to integrate world-class discovery science with the GMP and analytical platforms to deliver advanced precision therapeutics.


Fiona M. Watt FRS FMedSci

Professor of Regenerative Medicine Internationally recognised for elucidating mechanisms that control stem cell renewal and differentiation in mammalian epidermis, and discovering how these processes are deregulated in cancer, wound healing and inflammatory skin disorders. Recently she has shown that skin fibroblasts exhibit a previously unrecognised functional heterogeneity and is applying this knowledge to achieving improved skin repair in patients.