Date(s) - 12/07/2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Since 2007, our National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Guy’s and St Thomas’ Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) has led innovative translational research that improves healthcare to benefit patients. This event will showcase novel translational research projects from a selection of our Early Career Researchers (ECRs) supported by our NIHR BRC’s Cluster 2.

The event will highlight how their work is helping to improve patient outcomes and establish novel, cutting edge technologies to support advanced therapy or biomarker discovery programmes.

Presentations and a poster exhibition from the ECRs will be followed by a number of learning and career development sessions. The event will culminate with awards for the best presentation and poster.

Designed to provide an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to network with their peers and established research community, the event is also an opportunity to celebrate our collective achievements and the impact our research is having on the way our patients are cared for. Our ambition is to grow and support the highest quality clinical academics in the UK.

Event programme
13:00 – 13:30 – Registration and networking lunch.

13:30 – 14:50 – Oral presentations.

  • Investigation of bile acid-induced contractions in primary human myometrial cells
    Dr. Josca Schoonejans. Department of Women and Children’s Health.
  • Multiplexed apolipoprotein profiling advances the assessment of residual lipid-related cardiovascular risk.
    Mr. Lukas Emanuel Schmidt. School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine & Sciences.
  • IL-23-induced STAT3 translocation in MAIT cells at baseline is a candidate biomarker of response for biologics targeting the IL-23/IL-17 axis.
    Mr. Shane Solanky, The Cutaneous Immunology Group, St John’s Institute of Dermatology.
  • Lipid metabolism in white adipose tissue is altered in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy with hypercholesterolaemia preceding hypercholanaemia
    Dr. Alice Mitchell. Department of Women and Children’s Health.
  • An IL2RA enhancer polymorphism determines responsiveness to IL-2 signalling and the balance between pathogenic and protective T-cell immunity in Crohn’s Disease.
    Dr. Jennie Clough, School of Immunology and Microbial Sciences.
  • Skin microbiome – host interactions in atopic dermatitis
    Dr. Helen Alexander, Unit for Population-Based Dermatology Research, St John’s Institute of Dermatology.

14:50 – 15:30 – Poster viewing & networking.

15:30 – 16:45 – ECR career development sessions.

  • Purpose and Practice: An Introduction to Organisational Development at King’s College.
    Kirsty Swift, Head of Leadership, Learning & Development, King’s College London.
  • Academic, clinical, commercial paths or career development across sectors.
    Dr. Davide Danovi, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Finding funding and King’s College London support.
    Greg Dow, Research Development Manager, KCL Health Faculties.
  • When you teach you’re part of something bigger.
    Mira Vogel, Lecturer in Education, King’s Academy

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