The instrument runs on DIVA 8 software.

The capabilities of this platform technology allow you, for example, to;

  1. Build better mid-size panels with low compensation values
  2. Deep phenotyping with larger fluorescent panels for biomarker discovery, combining
    traditional and novel dyes from the broad portfolio of BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagents
  3. Collect maximal information from a small and precious sample
  4. Increase lab throughput with broad phenotyping panels that combine multiple cell-line-
    specific panels.

Configuration of the BD FACS Symphony analyser

The BD FACSymphony™ cell analyser is an advanced flow cytometer with 5 lasers and 29 colours. Like the Fortessa it has five lasers though some have higher power than on the Fortessa, and with 11 more fluorescent channels it permits substantially deeper phenotyping and/or increasing throughput by combining panels. We currently do not use the HTS (plate loader) option.
Laser, detector and filter configuration – 31 parameter SORP instrument: 6x Blue (488 nm)/ 3x Red (633 nm)/ 8x Violet (405 nm)/ 7x UV (355 nm)/ 5x Yellow-Green (561 nm) plus FSC and SSC.

Filter swaps: unlike the Fortessa, users cannot swap the filters. With so many more channels available, this won’t be an issue for most users.

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The analysers are available 24/7 for use by NIHR Guy’s and St Thomas’ BRC or King’s College London investigators except during weekly maintenance and repair periods (see guidelines).

You must attend a basic training session to obtain log-in credentials to the instruments and online booking calendar. If you had our Fortessa training, that is sufficient to book and use the Symphony – it is the same Diva software and very similar to run.

The Symphony has some higher laser powers, and different filters in most channels compared to the Fortessa. So if you are using Application Settings on the Fortessa you will NOT be able to use the Symphony for those samples due to the differences.

However, if you run standard experiments on the Fortessa you will find the same channels available on the Symphony and could use this instrument instead. Whilst results should be similar, do not directly compare results from the Fortessas to the Symphony.

If you want to set up Application Settings on the Symphony, please contact us as we have specific advice for this instrument.