Research nurse and midwife competency framework launched

A brand new research nurse and midwife competency framework developed by research nursing and midwifery teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ launched this week.

Research nursing and midwifery careers are fundamental to the future delivery of the highest quality care and practice across the health and social care sector (NHSEI 2021). The Trusts research matrons and managers workforce group wanted to address the gap for a contemporary competency framework relevant to research practice and skills for registered nurses or midwives new to these roles.

A working group, with cross speciality representation, created the framework through a systematic and inclusive process with valuable contributions from a patient representative panel, and inclusion forums in the Trust. It is designed to support research nurses and midwives to develop within clinical research roles and aims to provide a comprehensive summary of the core abilities which are required for fulfilling a nursing or midwifery research role. It is applicable to both those who are already undertaking these roles and those who are new to research nursing or midwifery.

Clair Harris, Head of Research Workforce (Nursing, AHPs and Practitioners) who led the Competency Framework Working Group said: “We are delighted to be able to share our competency framework document with all colleagues to support their research nursing and midwifery practice. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all – staff, patients and the public –  who worked extremely hard to bring the competency framework to life.” She added: “Research nursing and midwifery is a collaborative and constantly evolving profession. We, therefore, would like to make our competency framework available to all research nursing and midwifery teams, so that together we can continue to build this very much valued profession.”

Please email to obtain a copy of the framework document to use within your team or organisation.


Naomi Hare (RN) Research Matron and NIHR 70@70 Senior Nurse and Midwife
Leader Alumnus 2019-2022 (Competency working group)
Laura McCabe (RM) Research Matron (Competency working group)
Hemawtee Sreeneebus (RN) Research Matron (Competency working group)
Teresa Crowley (RN) Practice educator (Competency working group)
Paula Darroch (RN) Practice educator (Competency working group)
Leah Holroyd – Learning Laboratory, Guy’s Cancer Academy (copy editing)
R&D Inclusion agents and Trust disability forum
Jeannine Joseph (PPI contributor)
Rachel Sawyer (PPI contributor)
Nigel Horwood (PPI contributor)
GSTT R&D research matrons and managers workforce workshop