Angela Collura

This year’s British Science Week is all about showcasing inspirational scientists who work across our clinical research and who are smashing stereotypes every day. Angela Collura, Advanced Therapy Production Scientist at our NIHR Clinical Research Facility, is one of those scientists.

Angela is responsible for the production of innovative cell and gene therapy treatments.

Angela spoke about how she became a scientist: “I was exposed to healthcare and medicine from a young age, as a member of my family is a nurse. I have always been fascinated by the idea that such small cells and genes regulate the whole body and making changes to them can treat diseases.

“Also the idea of helping people through my work has always been a personal mission.”

Explaining what it’s like to be an advanced therapy production scientist, Angela said: “My role is very diverse; one day I can spend eight hours in a specialist lab producing treatments, then the next I can be in the office discussing new ideas and problem solving with other researchers.”

Speaking about how rewarding her role is, Angela said: “It is fantastic to see that these products have been proved to treat leukaemia as standard. Cell and gene therapy is becoming an important treatment option and it’s great to be a part of that.

“For me, one of the most rewarding things about working in research is contributing to the worldwide scientific knowledge and improve the lives of others.”

When asked what she would say to those interested in a career in clinical research, Angela said: “If you are curious about the world, nature and how it all works, you have the patience to design and prove hypotheses, and you want to help save lives, then this is for you.”