Research has been designated as one the four pillars in the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and our Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is at the heart of the national effort to develop diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19.

We’re publishing regular infographic updates giving an overview of the COVID-19 research taking place at Guy’s and St Thomas’. The infographics also include a focus on particular areas of activity.

August 2020 infographic showing highlights fro COVID-19 research at Guy's and St Thomas'

The August 2020 infographic includes a focus on how our BRC’s platforms are supporting COVID-19 studies across the Trust.

The August edition also features key funding awards received by the Trust:

  • £8.2m awarded by UKRI and NIHR to PHOSP-COVID consortium including our Trust, looking at long term health impacts of COVID-19.
  • £320,000 awarded by our NIHR BRC to eight translational COVID-19 research studies.
  • £1,000,000 donated by a philanthropic funder to King’s with our Trust for an immune monitoring programme.
  • £320,000 awarded by King’s Together’s Rapid COVID-19 call for 19 projects conducted in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’.

The infographic includes our regular updates about overall research performance:

  • 22 staff recruited to a dedicated COVID-19 research team
  • 17 COVID-19 research studies badged nationally as Urgent Public Health Studies.
  • 2,148 participants have been recruited into Urgent Public Health studies.
  • 31 other local COVID-19 research studies are underway.
  • 3,312 participants have been recruited into other local COVID-19 studies.
  • 99 academic publications from COVID-19 studies at the Trust.

You can also find out about highlights from particular studies taking place at the Trust:

  • Our research has identified loss of smell and taste as a key symptom of COVID-19, which is now recognised in the World Health Organisation list of symptoms of the disease.
  • Over 1,300 patient samples included in the clinical characterisation study ISARIC.
  • 379 participants vaccinated in four weeks for the Oxford vaccine study at our NIHR Clinical Research Facility.
  • 108 participants recruited to the GenOMICC study looking at how patients’ genes affect their outcomes.
  • 60 participants recruited to the paediatric DIAMONDS study, which aims to design new diagnostic tests.
  • Our Data Lake has linked 1,520 COVID-19 positive datasets. This information is supporting 15 studies at the Trust.
  • 512 participants recruited to our TwinsUK COVID-19 serology study.