COVID-19 is affecting us all. On the front line and behind the scenes are incredible research teams collectively working to develop new diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19.

Our teams, their families and pets (!) joined the #Red4Research campaign, on Friday 3 April 2020 to recognise and highlight the work of the nation’s research community in developing new diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19. The #Red4Reserach campaign is the brainchild of Sally Humphreys, nurse, researcher and chair of the NHS R&D Forum research management working group.

The campaign concept was very simple yet brilliant; People were asked to wear red to show their support and to get their whole family involved – including children and pets – and to use social media to celebrate.

Our teams took over our @GSTTresearch twitter feed for the day to show how we are supporting clinical research into COVID-19. Here’s what our teams and people had to say on the day:

Hello, our #research staff will be taking over our feed today as part of #red4research campaign to share with you what they are doing to support clinical #research into treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19. #NHS.



My name is Charles. Kate Blake (@bikechick1969) and I are directing the prioritisation of @GSTTnhs clinical research into #COVID19. Our teams are participating in #clinicaltrials into treatments for #COVID19 and supporting #research into diagnostics. #red4research #teamGSTT #NHS.







My name is Rachel. The R&D Governance team at @GSTTnhs and I are working to ensure all our #Research into #COVID19 has been through all necessary regulatory and ethical approvals to proceed. #red4research #NHS #teamGSTT.





My name is Jackie. My team and I are working to ensure that all participants taking part in our #research at @GSTTnhs, @KingsCollegeLon and across @kingshealth are looked after in line with @MHRA regulation. #NHS #COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives.





My name is Clair. I am working with the #research delivery teams across @gsttnhs to ensure that the right people are in the right place, at the right time to make our #COVID19 research happen. #NHS #researchnursing #YONM #stayhomesavelives #teamGSTT.




My Name is Manu. I am working with @GSTTnhs clinical teams to deliver our ICU based #COVID19 #research. The altruism of our patients and their families is astounding. We couldn’t do our research without their support and participation. #ICUresearch #stayhomesavelives #teamGSTT.




My name is Richard. Our @NIHR BRC platforms incl Flow Cytometry and Advanced Therapies Manufacturing are supporting @GSTTnhs and @KingsCollegeLon immunology and genetics experts who are studying underlying mechanisms of #COVID19, to give us insights into its viral activity.




My name is Ania. Working in collaboration with media and comms teams across @GSTTnhs, @KingsCollegeLon and @kingshealth, my team and I are working to ensure that all our #research findings are communicated and disseminated as they emerge, to help clinicians treat #COVID19 #NHS.





We are now signing off for the day. We leave you with a collection of photos from our staff, their families and pets supporting #NHS, #University and #Industry #Covid19 #research. We will keep you updated on our #COVID19 research in the coming weeks and months. #red4research. We will be bringing you news on our key COVID-19 research as it emerges.