Our BRC’s Flow Cytometry Platform has a world-leading training programme, expanding the skills of UK researchers in this technique. The team have expanded its leading portfolio by running the UK’s first comprehensive Imaging Mass CytometryTM (IMC) Course on 29 October 2019.

IMCTM is a cutting-edge technology using the Fluidigm(R)HyperionTM for deep phenotyping  and biomarker discovery of cancer and other biopsies.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts delivered lectures, round-table discussions and hands-on modules to train delegates on the theoretical background, experimental workflows and data analysis strategies using the most relevant software packages.

The four-day course attracted academic and industry users as well as core facility staff from the UK and beyond. Participants were highly enthusiastic and positive:

‘Very well organised, having specialists explain different aspects of training such as data analysis and hardware.’

Very thorough, everything was explained really well and in a lot of depth.’

For more information and future training dates please visit our training page. For general enquiries about our Flow Cytometry Platform services please contact us via email at brcflowcore@gstt.nhs.uk.