On 21 May, we celebrated International Clinical Trials Day 2019. Our PPIE Manager Jacintha McGahon shared how the day went.


International Clinical Trials Day is always a huge event in our calendar. The day celebrates the anniversary of the first ever clinical trial in 1747, which helped find a way to treat scurvy.

Today, the awareness day is a chance for us to celebrate the huge range of research going on, and particularly how our researchers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ are working to improve treatments for patients. Clinical trials are a vital part of how we ensure that we are using the best possible treatments in the best possible way.

Women's Health team at International Clinical Trials Day 2019

Our researchers were out in force at our celebrations this year at Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital, sharing their work with patients and the public through demonstrations and activities.

They were joined by lots of patients and other non-research staff. They told us it was really interesting to find out about all this work that is going on.

The researchers came from a range of disciplines, such as our children’s research team, our clinical researchers looking at a number of different conditions, and more lab based research such as our stem cell team.

members of the public try out VR technology for ICTD 2019

Among the demonstrations was a virtual reality headset brought by the team from the King’s College London School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences.

The headset allowed participants to interact with 3D scans and view them from a range of angles. This sort of technology could help researchers to understand the impact of new therapies on different parts of the body.

The team from our Twins Research Unit encouraged members of the public to test out their balance using wobble boards, and their grip strength using specialised equipment.

These sort of tests allow the team to get a sense of different types of mobility and fitness and try to tease out the environmental factors that affect them.

Inflatable MRI scanner at International Clinical Trials Day 2019Another highlight was the inflatable MRI scanner which our children’s research nurses use to help show young patients what to expect if they are scanned as part of a research project.

Seeing the excitement from visitors about how trials are advancing and improving patient care was really great. We had a fantastic day sharing our Guy’s and St Thomas’ research.