Colleagues from across the NIHR Guy’s and St Thomas’ BRC have attended the first Annual Event for the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative.

The NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative (NIHR HIC) brings together the NIHR BRCs to make NHS clinical data more readily available to researchers, industry and the NHS community.

This event brought teams from each of the BRCs together with around 100 people attending in total to celebrate the successes of the collaborative, share learning, and to plan for the future.

Our BRC is one of the founder members along with Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and University College London and the remaining BRCs have all recently joined.

Claire O’Neill, PPIE Manager, Engagement Lead took part in a break out session on engagement and shared her findings from two projects which involved patients and the public in projects focusing on data.

She said: “It was a great opportunity for me to talk about some of the important work we’ve done recently in working with our patient and public groups. The first project involved developing a set of Frequently Asked Questions that patients might have about how their data is used for research. This was entirely co-produced with our patients, giving me a much better understanding of what concerns people might have and how we can address them.

“The second project was an academic paper produced by our colleagues in the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King’s College London, funded by our BRC. This project looked at patient’s thoughts and feeling about data being shared between GP practices for research.”

We produced a Research Snapshot for this project which can be found here.

Dr Paramit Chowdhury also spoke at the event about the renal exemplar study from his team which fed into the NIHR HIC. Read more about the study here.

Professor Graham Lord, former Director of our BRC, took part in the final discussion panel and talked about his experiences both at our BRC and in his new role at the University of Manchester.

Finola Higgins, Programme Manager for the NIHR HIC at the NIHR Guy’s and St Thomas’ BRC said: “The NIHR HIC Conference was a great opportunity to show case work that has already been done with the programme, and to engage the new BRC centres that will be involved. It was a fantastic opportunity for all involved, as it’s really exciting time as the NIHR HIC expands not only with new centres, but new clinical themes.”

You can find out more at the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative website.