The London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value-Based Healthcare has launched, to train sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms from NHS medical images and patient data. The Centre aims to provide tools for clinicians to speed up and improve diagnosis and care across a number of conditions including dementia, heart failure and cancer.

Speaker and audience at the London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value-Based Healthcare launch event

The Centre is a consortium of academic, NHS and industry partners, led by King’s College London and based at St Thomas’ Hospital. It has been established as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

By focusing on AI and advanced imaging, the Centre aims to improve patient care by diagnosing conditions earlier, or tailoring a treatment to a particular patient using intelligent systems.

King’s and Guy’s and St Thomas’ have a well established record of excellence in the field of AI, including recent research from Guy’s and St Thomas’ showing that AI systems can interpret chest X-rays and prioritise patients so that urgent cases are seen sooner. King’s researchers have also published an approach using algorithms for image-guided therapy that can improve outcomes for patients surgery to fit a pacemaker. Both of these projects were supported by our BRC.

Importantly, the Centre will ensure that the technologies developed become products that can be used across the NHS and also exported internationally. To achieve this, the Centre will co-locate researchers, clinicians and industry partners at its hub in St Thomas’ Hospital.

Healthineers is making a substantial £6.6M investment into the UK by making the Centre their European Stratified Medicine Hub. This, along with other major investments from NVIDIA, IBM and GSK, will help to leverage UK research strengths and clinical knowledge into becoming a leading industrial player in AI and healthcare.

The Consortium is led by King’s College London and includes Imperial College London, Queen Mary’s University London, King’s Health Partners, Guy’s and St Thomas’, King’s College Hospital and South London and Maudsley, with Bart’s Health, multinational industry (Siemens, NVIDIA, IBM, GSK), 10 UK-based SME’s and the Health Innovation Network.

Image credit: King’s College London