Our Genomics Platform hosted a takeover on the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Research Twitter. On Friday 25 January, the team shared photos of themselves and talked about what they do, and the equipment they use. They shared their work supporting genomics studies to help improve patient care. Here’s a summary of what they said during the day.


Alka Saxena looking at microscope images

Hello, I’m Alka, I’m the Head of the Genomics Platform. My expert team and I provide many cutting-edge genomics services, including single cell sequencing & data analysis. These contribute to research that will help develop new tests & treatments to improve patient outcomes.


Ulrich in our Genomics Research Platform with their server

Hi I’m Ulrich, a Senior Bioinformatician. My job involves looking at data from DNA & RNA sequencing experiments in everything from cancer to auto-immune diseases. I also look after our servers which we use to process the data. Our team can generate many terabytes of data a week.


Stopping for lunch? Our Bravo robot is still going strong. It helps us process hundreds of samples quickly, consistently & safely.


Rose, a Senior Genomics Technician in the Genomics Research Platform

Hi, I’m Rose and I’m a Senior Genomics Technician. I prepare patient samples for sequencing experiments to analyse genomic information. Research is the foundation for developing better treatments for patients. I feel my job is helping to improve patient outcomes.


Hollie, the Genomics Platform's Administrative Assistant

My name is Hollie and I’m the Genomics Platform’s Administrative Assistant. I help keep the lab running smoothly. This includes booking in training for people who would like to use our equipment and helping customers who use our services.


The Chromium Controller in our Genomics Research Platform

Meet Dora the single cell explorer. That’s what we call our Chromium Controller. We put tissue samples on the reader & it encapsulates each single cell into an oil droplet so it can generate genomic data for each individual cell.


Shichina, a Senior Bioinformatician. in the Genomics Research Platform

Hi, I’m Shichina, a Senior Bioinformatician. I like working for the Platform because we work on cutting edge technologies to study diseases & biological processes at tissue or single cell level. In my job I use statistics & bioinformatics to interpret genomics research data.