Dr Haseeb Rahman has been announced as the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS) Young Investigator of the Year 2018.

Dr Rahman is a BHF funded Clinical Research Fellow at King’s College and a cardiology registrar at Guy’s and St Thomas’. His research, supported by our BRC, aims to improve the investigations used to help diagnose patients with cardiac chest pains.

Currently, angiograms are used to investigate patients with chest pain, but this technique can only visualise large blood vessels. For people with abnormal blood flow in the small vessels, it’s harder to visualise.

Drugs are currently used to expand smaller blood vessels so that blood flow can be measured, but Haseeb and his team are investigating whether exercise might be a more accurate way to assess the vessels. Dr Rahman and his team have trialled a technique to measure blood flow as patients are exercising, used high resolution MRI to measure blood flow to the whole heart during stress and working with the team at the NIHR Guy’s and St Thomas’ Clinical Research Facility, measured the forearm vascular function of the study population so that the exercise findings can be further understood.

Dr Rahman said of the honour: “Using a combination of multiple novel scientific techniques, we hope to understand more about blood flow in patients with small vessel angina and explain why they develop symptoms during physical exercise. I am thankful to the patients who have participated in this study and hope we can continue to make great progress in our understanding of this very common but poorly understood condition.”