King’s College London is to be part of a £14 million Cancer Research UK City of London Centre. The Centre will link up King’s College London’s world-leading research with UCL, the Francis Crick Institute and The Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London. It will become a global centre of excellence for biotherapeutics, a pioneering field of cancer research.

Biotherapeutics are any type of treatment that is produced by – or involves or manipulates – living cells. These therapies are based on biological processes in cells, which we can engineer to help fight cancer. For example, immunotherapy has transformed our ability to treat some types of cancer, harnessing the body’s own powerful immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

This announcement represents a boost to King’s College London’s pioneering cancer and immunotherapy research. It is also an exciting development for patients at Guy’s and St Thomas’, who will have the opportunity to take part in research studies involving these new treatments.

David Cheesman, director of the cancer programme at King’s Health Partners, said: “We are delighted that Cancer Research UK has designated King’s College London and Guy’s Cancer as part of the new City of London Major Centre. The Cancer Centre at Guy’s will help to revolutionise the way that cancer research is conducted across London and ultimately benefit future patients.

“This is an important step towards achieving our vision of establishing a world-class cancer service at Guy’s and St Thomas’ that is research driven and clinically led.”

Professor Peter Parker, Professor of Cancer Cell Biology and Director of the Cancer Research UK King’s Health Partners Centre at King’s College London is the centre lead at King’s College London. He said of the announcement:

“Biotherapies in the form of immune interventions are revolutionising cancer treatments in some cancer patients. These exceptional accomplishments bring a compelling need to dig deeper into the underlying principles that bring success to these approaches, in order to develop a wider spectrum of interventions that deliver improved outcomes to a much greater population of cancer patients. The strategic alignment, concerted training and sharing of resources with our City of London Centre partners is crucial to delivering on this complex agenda, allowing us to exploit collectively the extensive capabilities and pioneering therapeutic approaches that King’s College London and our City of London Centre partners have fostered over the last 15 years. This initiative is a watershed for cancer patients in London and far beyond.”

Find out more about the City of London Centre on the Cancer Research UK website.