The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Oncology and Haematology Clinical Trials (OHCT) team have taken home both the Gold and Bronze awards in the the ‘Clinical Site of the Year’ category of the PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year Awards 2018. Michelle Wild, Jennifer Curley and Lucy Featherstone were awarded Bronze and Nicholas Gomm, Catherine Rogers, Saoirse Daly took Gold. Designed to challenge, recognise and reward the talent and passion of industry and academic researchers, the PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year is a rigorous, real world competition that attracts entrants from all over the globe.

The team work in several stages of the research process for trialling new treatments. This includes early phase trials, where brand new drugs or treatments that are trialled in a small number of patients to check they are safe, and to get an early indication of clinical efficacy to determine whether they should be tested in larger clinical trials.

They also work on later phase trials. These might be new treatments that have gone through the early trials stage and are being tested to see if they should be adopted as a treatment for all patients. The work of the teams also looks at treatments that are already being used to treat patients; trialling new combinations of treatments or new ways of administering them, to see if the methods are better than the best current global standards of care.

Our patients are the centre of all the research that takes place here at Guy’s and St Thomas’. The OHCT teams work closely with the medical teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to recruit patients to clinical trials and ensure they are monitored closely throughout. Every year, more than 1,500 Guy’s and St Thomas’ cancer patients decide to take part in clinical trials. The trials, both commercial and non-commercial , range from interventional drug or radiotherapy trials to observational studies. In 2015, we spoke to south Londoner Andreas about what it was like working with the clinical trials team. Here he talks about the relationship he’s built with the team, and how it has helped him.

Speaking about the awards, Nicholas Gomm, Clinical Trials Manager within OHCT said:

“The PharmaTimes competition is a great one to enter and I will champion it, and challenge all of my research colleagues in the Trust to enter it. Having first entered the competition in 2009, and after five times in the final, our team finally won. Competing against the best in the NHS and being judged by some leading pharma company directors is a wonderfully rich experience for the team.

“The awards are a great recognition for the OHCT, as well as the work of all the staff that we work with across support departments in the Trust. Working across departments has given us the knowledge to succeed, and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved”.

Professor James Spicer, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine at King’s College London, and a Consultant in Medical Oncology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ added:

“I think this success is richly deserved recognition of the strength and depth that the team have built. Clinical research is core to what we offer cancer patients: for too many of them, the best current global standard of care is not good enough to offer cure. So we are always striving for something better by testing new therapies in trials.”

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