Patients and the public are a vital part of any medical research and without our fantastic volunteers it would be impossible for us to make breakthroughs which improve the way diseases are tested for and treated. Today we published our updated  strategy for involving and engaging the patients and public in research. Our Patient and public engagement manager Jacintha McGahon tells us about the strategy and how it was developed.

Over the past six months we have written our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Strategy in collaboration with our Patient and Public Involvement Advisory Group (PPIAG) members. We are excited to deliver this strategy to include patients and the public in research throughout the Trust and to ultimately improve clinical outcomes for patients.

As the strategy is about how we will work with patients and the public, of course we wanted to involve them in setting out what we aim to do! we worked closely with the PPIAG, which advises us on our strategy and ensures that PPIE is implemented in our core business. we did this through presentations to the group, and they provided valuable verbal feedback. They then helped us with the detailed wording of the written document before it was finalised.

The Strategy details ten objectives for our PPIE work, which cover:

  • Training and Development
  • Research Experience
  • Engagement and Networking
  • Impact

We have mapped out specific projects to achieve our objectives, including the revised patient led training workshops we deliver which can be found here.

Another of our key priorities is to improve and increase the dissemination of research findings from research studies with a particular focus on reaching those who participated.

Alero Dabor, chair of our PPIAG said, “It is an honour being involved in the process. The strategic objectives are realistic and achievable. I can see the vision coming to fruition in the coming years.”