Two new Patient and Public Involvement groups are due to be launched shortly by the Cardiovascular Healthcare Technology Co-operative, supported by the Biomedical Research Centre.
The groups are

  1. A Paediatric Cardiovascular Patient Advisory Group. This group will bring together patients, members of the public and researchers to advise on new research into treatments for children with heart disease.
  2. An Imaging Patient Advisory Group to advise on research which is developing new treatments using a range of imaging techniques.

Both groups are open to interested and passionate patients, their parents/grandparents/carers, users of the NHS and members of the public.

Previous experience in research is not necessary – simply a passion for improving services in the NHS.
Members of both groups will be provided with training and support and all travel expenses will be reimbursed. The first meeting is due to take place in January.

Both groups will be led by Dr Kieran Brack who said ”The Cardiovascular HTC is extremely happy to be creating two new groups for patients and the public to be involved in our Clinical Research. It is vital to hear those voices, in order to generate new and patient focused healthcare. This is a fantastic opportunity to help us improve how we perform research involving patients. Anybody can be involved, so if you’re interested please get in touch.”

For more information please contact Dr Kieran Brack, Project Manager, NIHR GSTT Cardiovascular Healthcare Technology Co-operative, 0207 188 7242

There are several other Patient and Public Involvement groups currently being supported by the Biomedical Research Centre. To find out more about these groups and how you can be involved please contact Claire O’Neill, Patient and Public Involvement Project Manager, claire.o’, 0207 188 7188 extension 53524.