On Monday 14 November, the Biomedical Research Centre hosted a special event organised to provide members of the public that had participated the DECISIONS and GAMBIT transplant studies with a chance to learn more about the findings from the research and how the work will help our patients.

The event, which began with a tour of the Medical Research Council Centre for Transplantation at Guy’s Hospital, featured an overview of the key findings from both studies and closed with a research poster presentation and reception.

Dr Maria Hernandez-Fuentes, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Experimental Immunobiology at King’s College London and the lead of the studies, said:

“It is fantastic that we’ve been able to share our findings with patients that have participated in our studies. They will be beneficiaries of the long-term improvements in therapy that our research may bring, so it’s vital that they are consulted as the research progresses.

“Being able to meet the patients and explain the processes behind the scenes reaffirmed the importance of our research, and was a fantastic way to round off the work we have achieved together.”

The feedback received following the event was overwhelmingly positive, one patient commented:

“It was interesting to see how the equipment and technology has changed over the years. The evening was an excellent presentation of results. It’s so good to have all of this information.”

The GAMBIT and DECISIONS studies

The Genetic Analysis and Monitoring of Biomarkers of Immunological Tolerance (GAMBIT)  study aims to identify markers that will help improve treatments in kidney transplant recipients. The study has so far resulted in two publications; in American Journal of TransplantationScientific Reports and Transplantation.

The Development and Evaluation of a Classification method for an Immuno-Suppression regime Individualised based ON Symptom burden (DECISIONS) study is a unique addition to the GAMBIT study. It was carried out to provide a detailed approach to understanding immunotolerance and patient perceptions of risk. A paper based on the findings from the DECISIONS study has been published in Social Science & Medicine.

Watch a 45 second summary of the Transplantation paper

The DECISIONS and GAMBIT research teams would like to thank the King’s College London International Strategic Support Funding from the Wellcome Trust for their donation as part of the Public Engagement Funding. We would also like to thank the Stakeholder and Communications Public Engagement team and the Administration team at the Biomedical Research Centre for their support with planning, development and delivery of the event.