Our BRC drives innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill-health

We do this by conducting pioneering scientific and clinical research with the ultimate goal of translating advances in biomedical research into benefits for patients.

These studies, which bring together principal investigators, clinicians and industry, aim to collectively shape the future of healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Our BRC has a progressive approach and a network of global connections ensuring our research has the biggest possible impact.

We also have world class facilities, host a range of ground-breaking research groups and maintain strong links with industry.

Research themes

Our research is focused on eight key themes selected on the grounds of scientific and clinical excellence.

They include cancer, cardiovascular medicine, cutaneous medicine, imaging and biomedical engineering, immunity and infection, transplantation, translational genetics and environment, respiratory health and allergies.


Our breakthroughs

We are regularly involved in world first studies as part of our aim to drive improvements in healthcare for all.

Our clinical trials often involve industry and healthcare partners and are supported by the hugely diverse populations on our doorstep.


Research platforms

The translational research carried out at our BRC is supported by world class facilities.

Our research platforms cover flow cytometry, genomics, clinical research, bioinformatics, bioresources and good manufacturing practice.

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We work closely with a wide range of organisations as we strive to turn research into new ways of treating diseases and conditions.

These collaborations provide us with valuable support in our work, while our partners can take advantage of our excellent facilities and expertise.



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