Clinical Research Facility Review Board

The Clinical Research Facility Review Board reviews all applications from investigators wishing to undertake research within the Clinical Research Facilities (CRF) and manages the governance of the three CRFs.

The board has three components:

  • the imaging Clinical Research Facility Review Board
  • the adult Clinical Research Facility Review Board
  • the paediatric Clinical Research Facility Review Board

The following professionals are affiliated with the CRF Review Board:

Phil Chowienczyk
CRF Director and Representative / Principal Investigator from the Population Sciences Cluster

Dr James Spicer
CRF Deputy Director

Stephen Barnett
CRF Operations Manager

Paula Darroch
CRF Nurse Manager, St Thomas’ Hospital

James Dobbyn
Guy’s CRF Nurse Manager, Guy’s Hospital

Elisabeth Reus
Paediatric CRF Nurse Manager, Evelina Children’s Hospital

Shane Tibby
Chair of Paediatric CRF Review Board

Reza Razavi
Chair of Imaging CRF Review Board

Paul Cross
CRF Quality Assurance Manager

Jackie Pullen
CTO Quality Manager, King’s Health Partners

Kate Blake
Director of R&D Strategy

Jennifer Boston
R&D Governance Manager

Giovanna Lombardi
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Experimental Medicine & Therapeutics Cluster

Tim Mant
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Experimental Medicine & Therapeutics Cluster

Andy Cope
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Experimental Medicine & Therapeutics Cluster, the Biomarkers, Co-diagnostics & Imaging Cluster and the School of Translational and Experimental Medicine Cluster

Chris Corrigan
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Experimental Medicine & Therapeutics Cluster and the Biomarkers, Co-diagnostics & Imaging Cluster

Frank Nestle
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Biomarkers, Co-diagnostics & Imaging Cluster

Lucilla Poston
Representative/Principal Investigator in the Biomarkers, Co-diagnostics & Imaging Cluster

Graham Roper
Patient Representative / Lay Member

Richard Beale
Clinical Director Perioperative Critical Care and Pain

David d’Cruz
Lead Consultant, Louise Coote Lupus Unit

Kennedy Cruickshank
Professor in Diabetes, Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health

Kevin Burnand
Governor Representative

Elka Giemza
CRF Manager, King’s College Hospital

Professor Alan McGregor
CRF Director, Kings College Hospital

Louise Tiemens
Imaging Sciences Divisional Manager