Research study statistics advice, collaboration and services

We provide statistical advisory services covering:

  • The design of quantitative studies

  • Sample size requirements

  • Performing a statistical analysis for a given set of data

  • Responding to journal reviewers’ comments

  • Performing limited statistical analyses

  • Planning statistical analysis to undertake costed statistical analysis

This is undertaken as part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital statistical consultancy services. One-hour booked appointments at the Guy’s campus can be made by emailing

For grant proposals, additional support comes from the Research Design Service. Further information is available from the King’s College London Unit for Medical Statistics and the RDS London website.

Collaborative opportunities

We provide costed statistical collaboration in clinical trials at our BRC and more widely across the King’s Clinical Trial Unit (KCTU).

This includes fully costed co-applicant collaboration with trials being submitted for funding by NIHR/MRC and costed services for other studies (e.g. analysis only).

Services include:

  • Advice on study design, including developing bespoke designs where needed

  • Preparing sample size calculations

  • Contributing to statistical sections of grant applications and protocols

  • Advice on randomisation method

  • Preparing DMC reports and attending meetings

  • Attending TSC meetings

  • Preparing a statistical analysis plan in collaboration with CI

  • Preparing computer code for primary statistical analyses

  • Communicating data issues at the analysis stage back to the study team

  • Conducting statistical analyses and writing report of results

  • Contributing to publications as co-author

More information

For more information on our statistical services provided through our NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, including grant applications and existing studies, contact Richard Foulsham (administrator) at

For grant applications, please make first contact at least six weeks before submission deadline, and more if the design is complex.

Our BRC statisticians are fully affiliated to the KCTU. For more on the role of KCTU click here.