Clinical trials, including those at an early stage, are an integral part of research in our BRC. We work closely with colleagues at our partner organisations; providing investigators with an efficient service and ensuring trials are safe and to a high scientific standard.

Our partners include:

We offer the following services to researchers wishing to undertake investigator initiated clinical research (fees apply).

  • Clinical trial management – supporting the day-to-day operational management of clinical trials
  • Clinical trial statistics – supporting clinical trial design and methodology, sample size calculation, eCRF design, and data analysis
  • Database development and data management – for non-CTIMPs including: Designing eCRF (with PI and trial statistician) and designing and developing appropriate databases
  • Public and patient involvement – advice for developing grant applications and throughout the life cycle of a trial

If you require assistance or additional resource to assist with the clinical conduct of your trial, please contact our NIHR Clinical Research Facility or your R&D Lead.