Renal Transplantation is the largest of the solid organ transplant programmes with around 3,000 performed annually in the United Kingdom and is the optimal treatment for patients with end stage kidney disease, with survival, quality of life and health economic advantages.

The limited lifespan of the transplanted kidneys means that multiple transplants are often required which places a burden on patients and restricts the availability of organs for all suitable recipients.

A barrier to understanding and research is the limited availability of clinical data from large numbers of patients. The four collaborating centres perform around one third of all renal transplants in the United Kingdom.

By working in collaboration, we can answer questions that would not have been possible otherwise. Analysis of the rich sources of renal transplantation data held in hospital systems will provide insights into outcomes and ultimately improve patient care.

An important reason for transplanted kidney loss is recurrent disease. Our understanding of the disease remains limited. We have chosen this area to research in order to maximise potential from a collaborative approach.

We will study risk factors for the development of recurrent disease in kidney transplants, including genetic differences, which could be valuable in predicting which groups of patients are at high risk of disease recurrence.

The Biomedical Research Centre combining Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College, London is leading the transplant theme within the NIHR-HIC. The other BRCs taking part are:

  • Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University of Cambridge
  • Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Oxford
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Imperial College, London

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