The Transplantation theme’s research aligns with the research in the MRC Centre for Transplantation with patient needs for longer transplant survival and fewer complications from broad immunosuppressive treatment.

The theme integrates the research from the KCL Transplantation Immunology & Mucosal Biology Division and the clinical units of the GSTT and KCH Trusts which form part of the Liver, Renal, Urology, Transplant, Gastro/GI Surgery Clinical Academic Group (CAG) at King’s Health Partners (KHP).

Areas of focus

Cluster One – Experimental Medicine and Therapeutics:

  • Conduct trials of self-engineered therapeutic proteins implanted in the donor organ, tissue or cell to protect these from the effects of complement and clotting activation upon transplantation
  • Generate immune tolerance in liver and kidney transplant recipients with the first trials of regulatory T cell therapy and exploitation of small molecules based on understanding of retinoic acid and its impact on immunity

Cluster Two – Biomarkers, Co-Diagnostics, Imaging and Devices:

  • Establish how knowledge on immune biomarker and imaging analysis can benefit the selection of transplant patients for treatment intensification or reduction

Cluster Three – Population Sciences Cluster:

  • Develop capacity to better predict and implement the social and economic value of our research