The Translational Genetics theme’s strategy is to develop experimental medicine studies in humans, driven by the identification and characterisation of genomic variation in deeply phenotyped cohorts drawn from a large population base.

The theme will contribute to a pan-BRC objective to develop the largest bioresource for experimental medicine studies characterised by genotype.

The theme is formed from the KCL Genetics & Molecular Medicine Division and the clinical units of the GSTT and KCH Trusts which together contribute to part of the Clinical Academic Grouping in Genetics, Rheumatology, Infection, Immunology, and Dermatology (GRIID) at King’s Health Partners (KHP).

Cluster Two – Biomarkers, Co-Diagnostics, Imaging and Devices Cluster:

  • Discovery of novel genetic variants for therapeutic target validation in experimental medicine
  • Identification of major genetic determinants of adverse drug response
  • Discovery of biomarkers and risk prediction and stratification in complex disease
  • Creation and utilisation a genomic driven Experimental Medicine Bioresource