The Translational Bioinformatics Platform provides expert and timely bioinformatics support and data analysis services.

We focus on translational projects towards the identification of novel therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers, and the dissection of molecular mechanisms underpinning diseases.

Our mission is to build and maintain the scientific, analytical and computational infrastructure that enables the application of advanced bioinformatics analyses to translational research.

We are also a point of contact and venue for collaboration with bioinformatics and computational biology specialists.

Our work

We provide support on the design, analysis, visualisation and interpretation of the results of genomics based projects.

Projects are based on the analysis of high throughput molecular data, including next generation sequencing of human and microbiome samples, metabolomics, microarrays, flow and mass cytometry data, which are integrated with clinical or pathological information.

Beyond contributing to scientific projects, we also maintain and provide access to powerful IT infrastructure which aids the running of computationally-intensive processes.


The Translational Bioinformatics Core works on a mixed grant and chargeback based model, where programmes from internal and external academic collaborators are subsidised by our BRC.

Our operational model


More information

For more information please contact Dr Umar Niazi, Senior Bioinformation, at