Researcher experiment

We offer Sequencing services on Illumina Next Generation Sequencing platforms namely HiSeq2500, HiSeq3000 and MiSeq.

Our researchers have the flexibility of preparing their own libraries and using our sequencing services alone or using our library preparation in concert with sequencing.

We offer the following NGS services

  1. Rapid Mode Sequencing on HiSeq2500
  2. High Output Sequencing on HiSeq2500
  3. High Output Sequencing on HiSeq3000
  4. Sequencing on MiSeq

We have experience in sequencing all types of challenging libraries including ATACSeq, low diversity AmpliconSeq, sequencing with custom primers, Fluidigm libraries  and BS-Seq.

For sequencing, please initiate a sequencing request via iLabs – You will first need to register with iLabs to gain access.

Please enquire with us regarding the suitability of platforms for your library type.