MRC funded

Our new MRC-BRC funded single cell facility is now ready.

We have a Fluidigm C1, A Labcyte Echo 525 and a Leica microscope with fluorescence filters to support single cell workflows.

Labcyte Echo 525 is an acoustic contactless liquid handling system, capable of lifting 25nl droplets into receptor wells.  This flexible system permits technology development, so if you have any great ideas for technology development on single cells, please do get in touch with us.

Fluidigm C1 system is an established platform for single cell workflows. C1 is used for preparation of libraries from pre-programmed protocols as well as protocols available on ScriptHub such as mRNASeq, ATACSeq, DNASeq

We cannot stress enough the importance of input cell quality for single cell workflows. To assess the quality of cells, we have the automated Leica DMi8 microscope for image capture and confirmation of single cells in integrated fluidics chips.

Single cell protocols are conducted in close collaboration with you.

We require you to work with us in addressing single cell viability and prep quality. The single cell suspension, especially for C1 workflows, should be free of debris, have uniform sized mostly viable cells. The process of addressing cell quality to raise it to the desired level takes about 4-5 days of examination of different preps to ensure we are getting acceptable quality of input.

The following library preparations are available currently for single cells

  1. Whole Genome sequencing on Labcyte and Bravo
  2. Whole Exome sequencing on Labcyte and Bravo
  3. mRNAseq on FluidigmC1 and Bravo

Please get in touch with Dr Alka Saxena if you are planning single cell sequencing experiments.

For Single Cell Genomics, FACs sorted cells may be required, please contact Dr Susanne Heck, the head of our BRC Flow Cytometry Research Platform for training, advice and support on cell isolation through flow sorting.