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We are located on the 7th Floor of Tower Wing at Guy’s Hospital.

iLab registration

To access our services and schedule our equipment for use, you will need to register with iLabs

Microarray and Library preparation projects

Prior to making an online request for microarray or library preparation with sequencing, please contact Dr. Alka Saxena to schedule a meeting

Sequencing Services 

If you have utilised our services before and are familiar with sequencing of your libraries, please request sequencing services online on iLab pages for the Genomics Research Platform.

Alternately contact us on to schedule a meeting.

Equipment Training and Scheduling

High specification equipment in our lab is available for use by trained users.

We provide training and SOPs for the use of equipment available in our lab.

If you are new to our facility, please register with iLabs and initiate a training request for user operated equipment.