The BRC Flow Core is open to members of our NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, King’s College London investigators and external users on a fee for service basis. The core accepts contract work from external customers. For enquiries please contact

Trained internal users will be able to use the flow cytometry core laboratory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. External users will not be given independent access and can use the facility only during regular working hours (Monday- Friday, 09.00 – 17.00).

All instruments can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis via online calendars. You can access these calendars on the relevant instrument webpages once you have received training and registered with iLabs to use the facilities.

Registration with iLabs

First time users must register with iLabs (PDF 235Kb), our online booking and invoicing system and complete a Flow core registration form (Excel) form which needs to be sent to

All users wishing to use the facility analysers independently must obtain relevant training prior to using these facilities for the first time. Training is booked via iLabs (see “request Services” tab).

Please also refer to Gaining Access for further instructions.

Users will obtain card access to the flow lab which must be authorised by either Susanne Heck Tel 020 7188 1184 or Stephen Barnett, NIHR BRC Platforms Manager, Tel 020 7188 1103.

Access to user operated instruments

All users wishing to use the BD analysers on their own, must first attend our basic training course. Once this training has been completed, a user name and password will be issued which allows timeslots to be booked on the instrument calendars.

Access to the ARIA 1 sorter for independent after hour and weekend use will be given only to advanced users that have undergone BD ARIA operator training and in prior agreement with the Head of the BRC Flow Core.

To use the Luminex FlexMap3D users will have to complete online training and a brief introduction to using the instrument, provided by flow cytometry laboratory staff. Luminex training is provided on demand. To use the Amnis ImageStreamMkII we offer bi-monthly training sessions. All training is booked via iLabs (see “Request Services” tab)

Access to operator-run instruments

Our ARIA sorters, mass cytometry platforms and the Parsortix/DEPArray setup are exclusively operated by flow cytometry core staff. To book time on these instruments you may put a request directly on the sorting calendars in ilabs. Your request will become binding only after confirmation by core staff, the facility will notify you via ilabs when your service is booked. Flow Cytometry laboratory staff will assign all operator-run services including those for self-operators of ARIA1. Users will be able to see (but not cancel or alter) these services once confirmed.

Please DO NOT email the core/individual team members to request any of these services, we need a record on ilabs for all activities and will not set up bookings that reach us via email only.