To obtain access to the flow cytometry laboratory on the 15th floor of Guy’s Tower you will need to:

  • Have your NHS ID card authorised, or apply for a Trust ID card
  • Take part in the relevant flow cytometry laboratory instrumentation training course
  • Complete training on the CRF alarm system.

Accessing the flow facility with your staff card

Users with KCL ID only 

You need to fill out an application form application form (please use Internet Explorer) (PDF 449kb) for a white NHS ID card for non-clinical staff.  Your line manager has to sign off and submit this application form, the BRC Flow Core team can NOT do this for you. The card is free of charge and will be issued by GSTT Security. You will receive an email from security when the card is ready to be picked up.

Gaining access once you have the white Guy’s and St Thomas’ ID card, or if you already have an existing NHS ID

Please email your request for access to the 15th floor flow lab to Susanne Heck Susanne.Heck@gstt.nhs.uk or Stephen Barnett Stephen.Barnett@gstt.nhs.uk They will contact Trust security to authorise access. Your card access will be added remotely which is usually done within 24 hours.

Access to the flow cytometry laboratory instrumentation

To obtain login credentials to the core instruments you will have to take part in the relevant training course. Course dates and booking information are listed on our FlowCytometry Courses pages.

To obtain independent after hour and weekend access to the self service BD FACSAria™ II Cell Sorter you will have to be an advanced flow cytometry user. You will need prior approval of the Head of the BRC Flow Core and have a certificate showing that you have taken part in an official BD ARIA operator training course.

If users repeatedly fail to safely operate the sorter, the Head of BRC Flow Core reserves the right to review and/or revoke your access to the self service ARIA in order to maximise productivity for the user base as a whole.

Training on the CRF alarm system

Training on the CRF alarm system is part of the mandatory basic training class.

For users requiring only access to the sorters, FlexMap3D,  Amnis Imagestream MKII, Parasortix/DEPArray or mass cytometers, you will be advised on the CRF alarm system after you have obtained card access. Please email Susanne.Heck@gstt.nhs.uk to make an appointment.

Access restrictions

  • Internal users with a valid ID card will have 24/7 access to the core.
  • External customers cannot obtain card access and will be able to use core services only during core business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM).