The Flow Cytometry Facility enables researchers to conduct advanced immune monitoring studies using state of the art equipment

Investigators can test patient and volunteer samples and obtain professional support for cell sorting and acquisition and analysis of high content flow cytometric data.

The facility is co-located with the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and GMP cell therapy unit on the 15th floor, Tower Wing, Guy’s Hospital, London.


Cell sorting

For cell sorting, the flow cytometry laboratory is equipped with:

All sorters provide high speed, high purity multiparameter cell sorting of up to 17 markers. Investigators can request single cell sorting directly into plates, also in support of single-cell genomics approaches.

One ARIA cell sorter is available after hours to advanced and trained users, while the others are operated only by flow cytometry laboratory staff.


For standard fluorescent flow cytometry analysis, the facility is equipped with:

These four bench-top alignment-free analysers, supplied by BD Biosciences, allow the usage of up to 17 fluorochromes.

Investigators can conduct multicolour analysis of cell phenotypes, multiplex arrays, gene expression and cell cycle analysis.

After mandatory orientation training, the BD analysers are available for use directly by the investigators.

For advanced analysis, investigators have access to:

  • A novel BD SORP FortessaX30: We are working on extending the high end phenotyping capacity towards 30 fluorescent parameters.
  • Amnis ImageStream MARK II analyser for Imaging Flow Cytometry on up to 10 fluorescent channels.
  • Luminex FlexMap 3D  for multiplex bead array assays.
  • Fluidigm CyTOF™ mass cytometer for deep phenotyping  and biomarker discovery on 35+ parameters

Data analysis

The Flow Cytometry Facility runs four training sessions for FloJo software every year to teach basic and advanced analysis of standard flow cytometry data sets.

Dr Nedyalko Petrov, from the BRC’s flow cytometry core team, supports clients with high dimensional data analysis for mass cytometry and high end fluorescent flow cytometry experiments.

We use platforms such as Spade, VisNe, Citrus and Flock, as well as custom tailored solutions for complex data sets.

BRC flow core customers starting CyTOF experiments, or with other large flow data sets, should contact us at an early stage of their experimental planning.

Our flow cytometry team can help in the following areas:

  • Cell sorting service
  • Mass cytometery and custom antibody labelling service
  • Maintenance of all BRC core lab instruments
  • Assistance with experimental design
  • Advice on sample preparation
  • Experimental troubleshooting
  • Assay development, custom assay design
  • Training on basic and advanced flow applications
  • Consultation on data analysis
  • High dimensional data analysis service

Find out more

For general enquiries please email

The BRC Flow Cytometry Core is located within the Clinical Research Facility on the 15th Floor Tower Wing at Guy’s Hospital.


Susanne Heck
Head of Flow Cytometry Research Platform
+ 44 (0)20 7188 1184
PJ Chana
Flow Cytometry Manager
020 7188 7188 x51919
Richard Ellis
Flow Cytometry Manager
Tel: 020 7188 7188 ext 51919 (office), ext 51911 (sorter room), ext 51917 (analyzer room)
Anna Rose
Flow Cytometry Manager
020 7188 7188 ext 51919 (office), ext 51911 (sorter room), ext 51917 (analyzer room)
Rianne Wester
Senior Flow Cytometry Technician
020 7188 7188 ext 51919 (office), ext 51911 (sorter room), ext 51917 (analyzer room)
Nedyalko Petrov
Senior Bioinformatician
020 7188 7188 ext 51919 (office)