Our BioResource facility provides expertise on all aspects of the collection of human samples.

It is part of the national NIHR BioResource and operates across Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London.

Its aim is to establish cohorts of healthy volunteers and patients who have provided clinical information and biological samples.

Individuals can then be selected by genotype or phenotype and invited for experimental medicine studies.

The result is a unique and powerful resource for a wide range of studies, including those that test the safety, benefits and mechanisms of emerging therapies.

Subgroups of the population may experience particularly negative or positive results from a specific treatment. The BioResource can rapidly identify these people and recall them for targeted studies.

This enables researchers in academia and industry to study well characterised sub-populations of individuals with specific genotypes or phenotypes . Without a BioResource, such studies would not be possible due to geographical challenges and other access limitations.

Our NIHR BioResource supports BRC users and Principal Investigators (PIs) across Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College London.


We can help by providing:

  • A global consenting process

  • Support from the BioResource Reserach Nurse in sample collection and training of nurse in patient consenting and sample collection across various clinics

  • Storage and tracking of samples

  • Database management support

  • Sample processing (DNA extraction)

  • Potential future access to NIHR sequencing programmes

  • Access to well-characterised recallable patients from different sites across the UK

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The BioResource facility is located on the 4th Floor, South Wing (staircase D) at St Thomas’ Hospital.

All supported projects are scheduled after a detailed discussion with the BioResource Coordinator. For further information please contact Sharon Jones at sharon.jones@kcl.ac.uk