Research projects into stroke can be greatly enhanced by input from people with experience of the condition.

The Stroke Research Patients and Family Group brings together stroke researchers from King’s College London (KCL) and people who have had a stroke, as well as their family members.

It meets every six weeks to discuss stroke research from within and outside KCL, with group members providing valuable insights to research studies.

This can positively influence patient information literature, consent forms, data collection methods and the way feedback is collated and responded to.

The group is particularly interested in developing ideas for new research projects which answer questions that are important to people with stroke.

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For more information about the Stroke Research Patients and Family Group and to download our newsletter Forward.

If you have had a stroke and are interested in joining the group, contact Professor Chris McKevitt on on 020 7848 6628 or Nina Fudge on or 020 7848 6644.