About the Patient and Public Involvement Advisory Group

The Biomedical Research Centre Patient and Public Involvement Advisory Group (PPIAG) was set up as a ‘patients’ panel’ in 2012, to help make sure that patients and the public are central to all of our research activities.

The PPIAG group meets every six weeks to provide a patient/public perspective on our work and to help shape our future research activities.

The group has an important role in developing and delivering our public engagement strategy which you can download here.

Who we are

The group has eleven patient/carer representatives with experience of advising on research studies, one community representative who has links with the Southwark community and six Biomedical Research Centre staff members.

What we do

Some of the priorities for the group include:

  • developing a public engagement plan, so that the wider South East London community knows that we do research and know that they can get involved
  • developing a tool to look at people’s experience of taking part in research studies to feedback to research teams. The aim of this is to improve participant experience in research studies
  • advise on new methods to increase recruitment to studies and promoting research in our hospitals.