Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for anyone who conducts medical research or reads medical papers and wishes to have a better understanding of the different types of study designs that can be used.

Course description

There are many different types of study conducted within the NIHR.  When submitting a research paper many journals will ask you to identify what type of study your paper is.  This session will explain the basic concepts of key study designs such as observational and experimental and illustrate why different studies are used to answer different research questions.  An introduction to the Equator Network will be provided so that researchers can be familiar with publication standards which exist for different types of study.

Learning objectives

  • To appreciate that there are many different study designs
  • To understand the terminology used in classifying study design and to understand why different approaches are used for different research questions
  • To be aware of the Equator network and how it can help researchers ensure that their studies are robustly designed.

About the trainer

Catey Bunce is a Reader in Medical Statistics in the Division of Health and Social Care Research at King’s College London. She has worked in applied medical statistics for over twenty years. Her main research interests include translation of statistical concepts to people without formal statistical training working within healthcare and applied medical statistics. Dr Bunce is the Training Lead for the NIHR Statistics Group which champions collaboration between statisticians and other professionals working within the NIHR to improve the statistical validity of conducted research.