Making a difference: A patient’s story

Graham Roper (pictured, right) became involved in research as a patient advisor to the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) at Guy’s And St Thomas’ and King’s College London following a kidney transplant in 2011. He explains why he became a BioResource volunteer:

“I donated to the BioResource at Guy’s and St Thomas’ so that I could help speed up the research process for the benefit of patients in the future.

”It was explained to me that understanding what makes us different from one another can help researchers to personalise our medicines and make treatments more effective.

“From my experience as a patient and a representative, I understand that biomedical research is vital to the development of new treatments and medicines.

“By donating a blood sample I have given permission to be contacted again to participate in research at a later date, although there is no pressure to do so. It will be totally up to me if I wish to get involved.”



To find out how you can get involved in research by becoming a patient advisor to the BRC please email Jacintha McGahon, the BRC’s Patient and Public Involvement Manager at

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and donating a sample to our BioResource please contact