The ImageStreamX MARKII (ISX) combines the quantitative power and speed of Flow Cytometry with high content image analysis. It quantifies both the intensity and the location of fluorescent probes and can analyse highly heterogeneous samples and rare cell subpopulations at a rate of up to 5000 cells per second. The ISX provides new insights into the co-localisation of proteins, cell-cell interactions, internalisation, targeted immunotherapy, parasitaology or cell cycle/cell death related questions.


Our ImageStreamX MarkII is equipped with 2 cameras giving 12 image channels and 4 excitation lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 560 nm, and 642 nm) as well as MultiMag (20x/40x/60x) and EDF (extended depth of field). Cellular imagery is split into its component colours through a unique spectral decomposition element. The result is a bright field image, a dark field image, and multiple fluorescence images of every cell. The ImageStreamX MARKII uses the latest versions of INSPIRE software for acquisition and IDEAS software for analysis.


To book this analyser please register with iLabs (PDF 235Kb) booking system. First time users must attend our ImageStream training prior to first use.